Supporting Organisational Change Initiatives - e-Book

Supporting Organisational Change Initiatives - e-Book


The Supporting Organisational Change Initiatives course considers situations when change is required within a business and provides learners with guidance on how managers can prepare the team for it.

Change is a natural necessity to help businesses grow and adapt to their current market, however the process can often be difficult for and create resistance from affected employees.

The implications of change on the workforce can also vary significantly depending on the circumstances.

This level 3 course looks to equip the learner with the fundamental skills to communicate with and ensure affected individuals are on board with whatever new processes are put in place.

Moreover, where change results in difficult decisions needing to be made, the course materials examine how these situations can be handled with due care.


Understand the importance of conducting staff appraisals

Understand how to evaluate work performance

Know how to provide learning and development objectives for staff

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